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Exakta pumps facilitate natural gas delivery

The Egyptian Natural Gas Co. (GASCO) has commissioned to ENPPI and Petrojet the procurement, construction and operation of a new pipeline to transfer rich gas from Raven field in north Alexandria to the Western Desert Gas Complex (WDGC) and Amreya plant. The project aims to expand natural gas delivery to industry and consumers, leading to a progressive decrease in heavy fuel oil and coal use.

In natural gas flow lines, hydrate formation - otherwise called freezing - may seriously undermine smooth transportation of gas. Methanol injection represents a simple and effective method of controlling hydrate formation through the lowering of water freezing point in gas lines.

Our hydraulic double-diaphragm Nexa pumps have been the solution of choice to handle this specific application, where methanol - by virtue of its volatile colourless and flammable nature - requires highly-reliable equipment that Exakta has been more than pleased to supply..

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Picture courtesy of MOTTA Impianti S.r.l.

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