The oleochemicals industry – the extraction of products such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols, methyl esters, fatty amines and glycerine from animal or vegetable fats – is a valuable and sustainable alternative to chemicals from hydrocarbon oils.

Oleochemicals are used in a multitude of products, including toiletries, soaps, food additives, surfactants, detergents and biofuels. Critical processes in this sector include:

• Saponification
• Fractionation
• Transesterification
• Hydrogenation
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bottles on conveyor belt.

Pumps used in oleochemical processing must contend with a number of demanding requirements, with essential features including corrosion resistance and the capacity to handle high-temperature fluids. These challenging conditions, coupled with the rapid rise of oleochemicals, mean that pumps are often required to work continuously over long periods, and with limited windows available for maintenance and servicing only the highest levels of durability are acceptable.
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